Test creation (mindfulness test)

Test creation (mindfulness test)is the unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to develop the most optimal, relevant and useful educational product for the customer.

No matter how hard each of us tries to learn, the human factor remains the integral part of all processes of human activity. People have a concentration limit because in the modern dynamic world, we often have to combine training with other productive activities, then the probability of attentiveness in the study of the material approaches the maximum.

If the user passes the training course without due attention, he or she may miss important details (“missed word” in scientology) which may affect the course of further study.

Therefore, mindfulness testing is a very important element of the learning process. The mindfulness test is a very simple but extremely important training tool, after all, if the listener cannot reproduce the passed material elementally, then there can be no more complicated elements of mastering the educational material. But when creating such tests, it is not necessary to provoke the listeners to solve them simply by “engaging” the educational material. Such tests should check the mindfulness of the user during training, not more, but not less.


By ordering “Test creation (mindfulness test)” at Magneticone Academy, You will:


The tool to check the attentiveness of Your users


Your educational material


The quality of Your training material

Do you need such a qualitative and not negative tool in the educational process?

The company MagneticOne Academy will create it for you.

MagneticOne Academy has been working in the educational services market for more than one year. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses that have passed hundreds of listeners. Three dozen experts from different fields of education are involved in the work. So, we have experience in creating online training courses and testing their users’ knowledge, so we guarantee You their quality and effectiveness.

By adding this tool to Your online training course, You will be able to be sure that Your course users have completed and learned the essentials of the course material.

If you already have study material available that can be posted in online courses but You do not have the tool to validate and correct the learners’ knowledge, then order the test creation service (mindfulness test) of the company MagneticOne Academy.

Price of the test creation (mindfulness test)

Creating simple level tests

Name Price Time
Test creation (mindfulness test) 12 UAH 0,2 hour

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