Test creation (Academic level)

Test creation (Academic level) is the unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to develop the most optimal, relevant and useful educational product.

For the most qualitative assimilation of educational material it is extremely important to have a complete understanding of it. Sometimes the course listeners themselves genuinely believe that they have understood all the training material they have passed but in reality it turns out they have misused it. Often, such training does more harm than good, so if the level of knowledge was “zero” prior to training, then due to improper learning, the vector is directed in the opposite direction, so the user is “in minus”.

You can solve this by using Academic level tests, the purpose of which is the comprehensive examination of the quality of mastering the material passed and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, solve real problems. These tests are intended for both control and user self-control. The Academic level test will improve Your learning outcomes.


By ordering “Test creation (Academic level)” at Magneticone Academy, You will:


the ability to test skills of students in Your courses to use the knowledge gained, translate them into practical skills and wonts


the quality of training as a whole


the competitiveness of Your educational services
Академічний рівень

The company MagneticOne Academy has been working in the educational services market for more than one year. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses that have passed hundreds of listeners. Three dozen experts from different fields of education are involved in the work. Therefore, we have experience in creating online training courses and testing their users’ knowledge, also, we involve leading experts in our fields in the training material, who are able to fully evaluate the completeness and depth of knowledge acquired by the trainees, so we guarantee their quality and effectiveness. By adding this tool to Your online training course, You will be able to be sure that the users of Your courses really deeply and fully learned the knowledge, skills and wonts.

If you already have educational material which can be posted in the online course but You do not have the tool to test and correct the quality of the listeners’ knowledge, then order the Test creation (Academic level) service of the company MagneticOne Academy.

MagneticOne Academy engages ompetent experts to develop the Academic level test because, only the specialist in their field can optimally assess the level of user understanding of the material passed.

Price of test creation (Academic level)

Creating academic level tests

Name Price Time
Test creation (Academic level) 120 UAH 1 hour

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