Creating educational video content for educational institutions is the unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to help to create the highest quality, full and easy-to-read educational content for educational institutions.

To maximize the success of Your online training course (acquisition by the listener of the appropriate level of competences within the shortest period of time), the training material should be simple and easy to understand. In order to achieve this, some sections of the training courses should be presented as short video content (up to 15 minutes). It is also advisable to record some of the teachers’ lectures on video for the purpose of their application in distance learning.

To do this, together with the authors of online training courses, remove and edit the relevant videos.


Videos can be of this type:

Distance training

Lecture for the distance
learning audience
(the closest to the classic)

Acquisition of certain practical competences

Video lessons to gain
practical skills
(for example, tractor repair for students of vocational educational institutions)

Visual perception of theoretical material

Video for visual perception of theoretical material, depending on the subject, may be images of graphic elements with the author's audio commentary or alternation of author and graphic elements (reconstructions and other variants of visibility).

The length of the video depends on the author’s need to cover the subject as fully and comprehensively as possible.

The company MagneticOne Academy has been working in the educational services market for more than one year. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses that have passed hundreds of listeners. Three dozen experts from different fields of education are involved in the work.

If You need to create the video to improve the quality of Your educational content, we will help You with that. You can shoot a video for:

  1. Placing it in online training course on the platform Yaware.Courses.
  2. Creating the video lesson
  3. Creating video lectures
  4. Creating video instructions

All You have to do is prepare the course material which will be the basis for making the video, the rest is the responsibility of our specialists.

Price of creating educational video content for educational institutions

MagneticOne TV studio rental

Name Price Time
Shooting with 1 camera 500 UAH 1 hour
Shooting with 2 cameras 750 UAH 1 hour
1 camera shooting + 1 hour editing 1700 UAH 1 hour
2 camera shootings + 1 hour editing 2000 UAH 1 hour

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