MagneticOne Academy provides a service for creating educational materials for higher education institutions, colleges and vocational education institutions on the platform “Yaware.Courses”.

“Yaware.Courses” is the modern online platform for distance training. By implementing it in Your institution, You can significantly expand your horizons, in which case you will be rid of space constraints. Your teaching audience will no longer be limited to the territory to which Your educational institution belongs. You can attract anyone from anywhere in the world, it's only about promoting them. All You need is a desire to learn, we will do the rest for You.


1.You send our specialists the electronic version of Your educational materials in the form of the educational course, divided into modules. The course should be logically structured, reveal certain topics of the educational subject, have a complete character (the listener must have certain competencies upon completion of the course), all materials should be read and edited by the author.

2.You can provide printed materials and our specialists will turn them into online training course.

Costs of creating digital-based training courses

  • Small course
  • 750 UAH
  • volume of texts up to 50 ths. characters
    without spaces
  • 75 additional items
  • 5 tests
  • More details
  • MIddle course
  • 1500 UAH
  • volume of texts up to 100 ths. characters
    without spaces
  • 150 additional items
  • 10 tests
  • More details
  • Large course
  • 3000 UAH
  • volume of texts more than 100 ths. characters
    without spaces
  • 300 additional items
  • 20 tests
  • More details

Cost of services of creation of training courses on the basis of printed materials

Digitization of customers’ documents
Price Number of pages
10 UAH / page up to 50 pages
2 UAH / page up to 2,500 pages
1 UAH / page up to 10,000 pages
0,8 UAH / page more than 10,000 pages
Take the training video for Your courses
Service Price Duration
Shooting with 1 camera from 400 UAH per hour of shooting
Shooting with 2 cameras from 700 UAH per hour of shooting
1 camera shooting + 1 hour editing from 600 UAH per hour of shooting and installation
2 camera shootings + 1 hour editing from 900 UAH per hour of shooting and installation

It's easy and simple to create courses with us!

By introducing Yaware.Courses at Your institution, You will be able to increase your educational audience significantly and reduce Your costs to the educational process.