“Information security”. Let’s get started!

Today is the time when we are holding more and more information digitally: a phone book, photos, documents and even money. And this is only a small part. How often do we think about the security of this information? And this is just personal information that may not often be invoked and what to say about business that is a tricky bite for the cybercrime. How to improve information security and prevent attackers from leaving You with Your data? We know how and want to share this information with You!

o, we are announcing the start of our online course “Information security”.

Who is this for?

For those who want to increase the level of protection of intellectual property, keep the information confidential. Do You want to know about 150 practical examples to minimize the risk of multiple attacks? Do You want Your organization to comply with the general data protection regulation (Eng. General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR)? The author of the course – Ruslan Shevchuk – will tell about this and much more

Register for the course till August 24 and get a -25% discount.

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