Online education myths

“Age live and learn”. It is hardly the question of eternal study at universities. Today there is a tendency that if You do not improve, do not follow new trends and technologies, do not acquire new knowledge, You are no longer just standing still, but rolling back. To help to avoid this, online courses come to the rescue.
However, there are many myths around them. It’s time to refute them.

    1. Lack of interaction between student-teacher and student-student
      Something and communicating in the digital age is very easy: students with each other and students with a teacher. Moreover, it is now very easy to work in pairs for students who are geographically far apart.
    2. Employers do not recognize online education
      There are more and more progressive supervisors who understand the importance of the desire of potential employees for continuing education. At the same time, business owners are trying to implement online education system for their employees so that they can grow both professionally and personally. Online courses allow You to train employees without absenteeism.
    3. Online education is not effective
      Effectiveness is directly proportional to the student’s motivation and responsibility. Therefore, the course alone cannot guarantee 100% efficiency.Remember that knowledge will never be so expensive at all times. It is not a sin to take advantage of what is under your nose. Choose interesting and relevant courses and go to the new tops!

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