Methodical planning

Methodical Plannings a unique service of the Company MagneticOne Academy, whose mission is to develop the most optimal, relevant and useful educational product for the customer.

On the Internet, with the competent use of search engines, you can relatively quickly and easily find any information on any topic. However, how to structure it correctly, how to submit it in such a way that its assimilation occurs in the correct sequence and no one has studied adding and subtracting after studying the multiplication plate.


By ordering “Methodical planning” at Magneticone Academy, You will receive:


Plan of the most optimal
presentation of the material


Logical and consistent
structure of the training chair

Educational system

Almost completed training system
in which you just need to fill
closet with educational material
Методичне планування

To do this, You need to create the right curriculum and logical and consistent structure of the training course.

f you want to create the training course or just structure training material on any topic, then You need to contact us.

Magneticone Academy formulates the plan for You and structure the training material on a wide range of topics. All You have to do is clearly state the topic.

If You have a very specialized subject, then we will hire an expert in this field, so Your plan will be drawn up by a high-quality employee in this field which may be the best recommendation for working with this material.

The company MagneticOne Academy has been working in the educational services market for more than one year. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses that have passed hundreds of listeners. Three dozen experts from different fields of education are involved in the work.

If You want to create online training course but don’t know where to start, how to plan and structure it properly, then You need to take the opportunity to order “the methodical planning service”.

All You have to do is to specify the subject of the online training course You want to create. We will engage leading experts in Your chosen field and plan and structure Your online training course. It is noted that MagneticOne Academy courses are practical and relevant. We will create the structure of the course so that it is as effective as possible in teaching and knowledge delivery is consistent and corresponds with the purpose and objectives of the course.

Price of methodical planning

Together with the expert: working out of expert materials, creating the course plan, planning the structure and complexity of the tests, forming general description of the course, recommendations for creating additional materials

Name Price Time
Methodical planning 360 UAH / 1 methodological unit* 3 hours

* 1 methodological unit (MU) is:

  • Text on A4 12 pins with diagrams and images
  • Presentation 3 slides
  • Video lecture – 1 minute

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