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Course payment instruction

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In the ``Courses`` section we select the course ``Information Security``. After that we choose “Register for the course”.

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To register, enter Your email address, read the terms of the portal and tick the consent. You will then receive the email with the link to activate Your profile.

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Next, You will need to provide Your name, Last name and password.

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After creating your profile, click on ``Catalog`` and then ``Pay for access``

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When the payment window appears, choose the convenient way for you (Macter Card is recommended).

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Please re-enter your email address, read the User Agreement and check the box where appropriate.

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You will then see a direct payment box indicating Your card number, expiration date (month and year) and CVV (three numbers on the back of the card).

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If You pay via monobank, You must go to the app and confirm the payment.

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If done correctly, you'll see the successful payment notification at the end.

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If You do not complete the first payment, the payment function will be unavailable. To do this, You need to clear the cookies in Your browser (Settings- History- Clear browsing data- Cookies and data from other sites), refresh your courses page and try again