About Academy

MagneticOne Academy is a creative educational space that provides opportunities to learn and teach others.

We believe that everyone has unique experiences and knowledge that are worth sharing.

Our Academy provides everything you need to create a quality online course. The only thing we still need is you and your knowledge.


Create a course
Placement of own training courses on the platform
Lease of the academy premises for events

services for creating various formats of author's online courses and setting up educational platforms for the specific needs of customers.

Yaware.Courses is a modern online platform for distance learning. By implementing it in your educational institution, you will be able to significantly expand your horizons.

Rent a cozy and comfortable room for holding your events and activities.

Creation of a corporate academy
the implementation of the corporate Academy will positively affect the development of your business and contribute to the better implementation of reforms in your industry.
Completion of online and offline courses
MagneticOne Academy creates a variety of training courses to raise public awareness. You can choose both online and offline format for yourself.

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