Digitization of the client's documents is a unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to develop the most optimal, relevant and useful educational product for the client.

The era of online educational courses opens up new opportunities for informal education. However, a significant amount of educational material is currently in the form of paper books, manuals or simply A4 printouts, there are cases when really important and relevant material is in the form of handwritten notes on paper. In the era of digital technologies, it is extremely important to preserve this important experience and present it as educational material in the form of online training courses.

About the service

The MagneticOne Academy company will digitize your educational, methodical, scientific and other material for you.

The company MagneticOne Academy has been working on the market of educational services for many years. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses, which have been completed by several hundred students. Three dozen experts from various fields of education are involved in the work.

If you have material in printed form that you need:

  • place on the educational platform

  • correct it

  • put on the site, send to someone by e-mail

  • carry out any other manipulations with this material

  • You need to digitize it for this. Is it hard to do? Don't have the right technical support? Don't even know where to start?

  • Do not worry. The company MagneticOne Academy will do it for you.

  • After digitization, you can order the service "Compilation of materials on the platform" according to the price list of the service.

The cost of digitizing the client's documents

Transfer of printed materials of higher education institutions to electronic form (without checking and editing)

Number of pages



Up to 50 pages

UAH 10 / page

1 hour

Up to 2500 pages

UAH 2 / page

50 hour

Up to 10,000 pages

UAH 1 / page

200 hour

More than 10,000 pages

UAH 0.8 / page

Depending on the order