Creating an audio course is a unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, whose task is to create the most optimal, easy-to-understand and useful educational product for people with limited vision.

Unfortunately, in the conditions of the development of modern civilization, medicine still faces unattainable tasks, in particular, full or partial restoration of vision in some cases, but even with problems with vision, people continue to remain full members of society, continue to lead the most active and fulfilling lifestyle.

About the service

An integral aspect of the life of a civilized person is education. The possibility of equal access to education for all groups of people has always been the object of the struggle for people's rights.

Educational online audio courses contribute to solving this problem. Of course, nothing can completely replace healthy vision, but an audio training course can replace a standard course quite completely.

An educational online audio course is a structured set of audio lessons that are divided according to a certain topic. The script of these lessons is adapted to the needs of the listener in such a way as to reproduce the educational material in an auditory form as much as possible so that its assimilation is easy, as much as it is possible to use only one teaching technology - in this case - reading a lecture.

Our company will create an audio course on any topic so that people with low vision or who are completely blind are not left out of online education.

The company MagneticOne Academy has been working on the market of educational services for many years. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses, which have been completed by several hundred students. Three dozen experts from various fields of education are involved in the work.

For this purpose, the written materials of the online educational course are voiced. The sound should be of the highest quality, and the announcer's voice and intonation should be sufficiently expressive. Also, the text will be adapted, because it is worth understanding that the consumer of this product will not be able to focus on the visual materials that are posted in the regular online training course, so some topics need to be additionally described in the audio version.

This online training course can be used both for individual training and for training special groups of people with disabilities.

The cost of creating an audio course

Creating an audio course




Creating an audio course

UAH 200 / 45 min

Depending on the order