Creating a video course is a unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to create the most optimal, easy-to-understand and useful educational product.

Course without text version. All materials are presented in the form of video content.

The entire course is divided into separate blocks (modules) by topic. The modules are divided into lessons in the form of videos with a duration of 8-15 minutes - the most optimal duration for the most complete and easy assimilation of the educational material.

About the service

Depending on the field of course direction, the video may contain both recordings of teachers' speeches and demonstrations of visual educational material. The demonstration of the visual material is accompanied by the author's comments in oral or written form, according to the most optimal way of learning this particular material. In the absence of voice comments by the author, the video is accompanied by background music, which should set the listener in the mood necessary for perceiving the material.

The video script itself should cause the listener a feeling of lightness and curiosity, excitement, and the desire to watch the sequel, so the educational video should contain a minimum of dry theory and a maximum of interesting, practical educational material.

An educational video course is a universal pedagogical technology that can be used in various aspects of education, it covers a wide range of topics of educational online courses. From music to technical profiles, there is no subject that cannot be taught using video learning.

In this regard, the specifics of the video are very diverse, depending on the purpose and subject of the training course. Therefore, the content and price of the service are determined separately at the meeting (in any format).

For general orientation, we provide a list of video shooting and processing services provided by our company.

The cost of creating a video course

Creation of a course in the form of an educational video




Creating a video course


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