Creating a test is a unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to develop the most optimal, relevant and useful educational product for the client.

About the service

No matter how hard each of us tries to learn, the human factor still remains an integral part of all processes of human activity. People have a limit of concentration, and since in today's dynamic world it is often necessary to combine learning with other types of productive activity, the probability of losing attention when studying the material approaches the maximum.

If a user goes through a training course without proper attention, he may miss important details (a "missed word" in Scientology) that may affect the course of further training.

Therefore, checking attention is a very important element of the learning process. The test for checking attention is very simple, but an extremely important learning tool, because if the student cannot reproduce the passed material in a basic way, then it cannot be about the more complex elements of learning the educational material.

If you already have ready-made educational material that can be placed in an online course and elementary tests, the main task of which is to check the attention of the user and the amount of material he has learned, but you do not have a tool for checking and correcting the knowledge acquired by the students at a higher level, then order a service test creation (comprehension check) at MagneticOne Academy.

We have experience in creating online training courses and checking the knowledge of their users, so we guarantee you their quality and effectiveness. By adding this tool to your online training course, you can be sure that the users of your courses really understand the material, and in case of insufficient or incorrect assimilation, you will be able to correct the acquired knowledge in a timely manner.



For the highest quality assimilation of the educational material, it is extremely important to fully understand it. Sometimes the students of the course themselves sincerely believe that they have understood all the educational material they have passed, but in reality it turns out that they have learned it incorrectly. Often such training brings more harm than good, because if before the training the level of knowledge was at "zero", then due to incorrect training the vector is directed in the opposite direction, so the user finds himself "at a disadvantage".

This problem can be solved with the help of Academic level tests, the purpose of which is a comprehensive check of the quality of the student's assimilation of the material passed and his ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, to solve real problems. These tests are intended for both control and self-control of the user. The Academic Level Test will qualitatively improve learning outcomes.


The cost of creating a test




Creating a test (attention test)

12 UAH

15 minutes

Create a test (check understanding)

48 UAH

30 minutes

Creating a test (academic level)

120 UAH

1 hour