Creating a course with full immersion is a unique service of the company MagneticOne Academy, the task of which is to develop the most optimal, relevant and useful educational product for the client.

A full-immersion course provides the learner with the highest level of competence through "full immersion" in the relevant language environment. Depending on the subject of study, conditions are created under which the listener fully enters the environment of communication in the chosen foreign language. The conditions and activities, the skills of which the listener wants to master, are fully reproduced. At the same time, these conditions are as close as possible to an ideal environment. Thus, the listener gets practical work experience in appropriate conditions, experiences life in an appropriate language environment, thus he acquires competences and skills of mastering a certain foreign language.

For example, in the case of learning English, the conditions of a real English-speaking environment are created.


Partial immersion

Communication with native speakers
on selected topics throughout
6 hours/day for 1 week

Half immersion

Staying in a language environment for 1 week, communicating with competent people, trying yourself in the role of a resident of the country with your chosen language of instruction — solving basic household issues.

Absolute immersion

100% fulfillment of the role of the participant
certain process within 1 week.

Increased passage time

The possibility of extending the term
completion of the course is discussed separately.

About the service

If you want to fully "immerse yourself" in the world of your chosen educational course, the company Magneticone Academy will make your dream come true.

You will be able to choose the training course in which you want to fully immerse yourself from the catalog.

At the same time, it is emphasized that these environments will not be typical, templated, but as close as possible to the ideal, accordingly, in this case, the listener will have the impression that he really worked in one of the leading companies, accordingly, he will acquire a certain level of competence.

The company MagneticOne Academy has been working on the market of educational services for many years. During this time, the company has created more than 50 online training courses, which have been completed by several hundred students. Three dozen experts from various fields of education are involved in the work.

The cost of a course with full immersion




Partial immersion

1000 UAH

Depending on the order

Half immersion

3000 UAH

Depending on the order

Absolute immersion

10000 UAH

Depending on the order

Extended term


Depending on the order