MagneticOne Academy is a creative space for anyone who wants to learn. Nowadays, it is not necessary to spend years and time attending pairs in a classical university to study. It is enough to simply order an online training course and quickly gain practical knowledge in the field in which you need to improve your skills and abilities.

The online educational course "Information Security (Basic)" is a course that is necessary for all companies or individuals who have access to the Internet. After all, not only your work tools are connected to your personal or work computer, but also, often, your payment systems and finances, which creates a risk for your future well-being.



The speed of adaptation of interns
will increase by 2-3 times


"Turnover" of personnel will decrease
by about 40-60%


Work productivity of employees
will double in size


In the training course offered by MagneticOne Academy, the following areas of threats coming from an unsecured Internet connection are revealed:

  • Identification and authentication of users

  • Malware and protection against it

  • Email security

  • Principles of safe work on the Internet

  • Threats of information security for users of mobile devices

  • Security of personal data

If you order this course, you or your employees will acquire the following skills:

  • mastery of basic information security mechanisms

  • the ability to counter "malware"

  • mastery of e-mail protection techniques against major risks

  • mastery of the basic techniques of social engineering

  • knowledge of the principles of safe work on the Internet

  • the ability to protect mobile devices and personal data from threats

You can choose a tariff plan depending on your real needs and, thus, save money by not buying what you don't really need.




UAH 500/person

Ability to independently choose the time of study

Unlimited number of test attempts



UAH 750/person

UAH 1000/person

Ability to independently choose the time of study

Ability to independently choose the time of study

Unlimited number of test attempts

Unlimited number of test attempts

Certificate for each employee


Name plate for the company

Certificate for each employee