Why is information security a topical issue?

We live in the time when the impact of digital technology and the world around us are becoming more significant and each of us constantly uses computers and gadgets not only for personal purposes but also for work processes.

We all care about personal security and many tools and software promise to provide it, though they often fail to do so. Due to the fact that thanks to the Internet, all information is combined as a puzzle, then our privacy may be compromised and the information made available to attackers.

Especially, it is dangerous if it concerns working data. As the amount of information stored in digital format continues to grow, then companies do all sorts of things to ensure the security of corporate information. However, very often employees are the weakest point in information security of the enterprise. Therefore, raising awareness of information security workers is a crucial factor in protecting businesses – knowledgeable employees can prevent large-scale breaches of information security, financial and reputational losses.

What can companies do to ensure that they are protected from all sides? The answer is one – to raise awareness of employees in information security through specialized courses. So follow our news because MagneticOne Academy has already prepared the following solution for your business.

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