About Us

MagneticOne Academy is a modern and creative educational space.


“We believe that the enormous human potential of Ukraine is able to be a driving force for change


The idea of creating Academies at Companies is not new. Yes, many have tried to bring together students who want to get a job under one roof, give them basic knowledge and experience. This is all fine, but why then do we start our work?

Because we are different!

We are not just the Academy that is designed to help everyone develop their hard-skills – professional skills and teach the specific area of work that we need. We are aiming for more.

After all, we believe that the enormous human potential of Ukraine is able to be a driving force for change. And we initiate and will initiate these changes. We want to teach only those who really want it. Who is responsible and motivated. Who knows the price of knowledge and is ready to pay for it. We, in turn, offer quality educational services and materials.

In addition to professional skills, we also help to develop soft-skills – personal skills, through trainings, seminars and workshops that we organize for everyone.

One of our main values is our Employees. All of them have a constant opportunity to grow professionally and personally within the Academy.




Highly qualified staff that will increase the effectiveness of the Company and the country as a whole.
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We contribute to any development of the individual to realize his or her potential.
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We provide high quality educational materials for the Academy.


We strive to create the space where everyone can express themselves and realize themselves.

We want to grow and learn new things.
Develop with us!
Welcome to the family!


Аліна Мельник

Alina Melnyk


I attended one of the events from MagneticOne Academy. Liked it a lot! The team is friendly, information is interesting and atmosphere is good.

Very nice reception: everyone is met with cookies and tea. ”

Світлана Кузьма

Svitlana Kuzma


Last week, I attended one event from MagneticOne Academy and was very pleased. The organization was top notch and the topic of the event was fully respected. In fact, I am very pleased.. ”

Наталя Бернацька

Natalia Bernatska

private entrepreneur

Very interesting project! I’m happy to read announcements and reviews. It seems that the organizers do not care what the younger generation will be like. This can be interesting not only for the younger generation. Everyone can find something.. ”

Марта Синоруб

Marta Synorub

Project Supervisor of the Charitable Foundation

I have been observing the Academy since its inception, and I can say that in such a short time its level has significantly increased and still continues to grow. The trainings are always interesting, it can be seen that the Academy team is trying and doing everything to satisfy the wishes of its guests.

Остап Крамар

Ostap Kramar

student, social activist

With the help of MagneticOne Academy I organized the event “The WinTer” whose visitors were able to hear the success stories of famous Ternopil people. I am glad that there are such projects in Ternopil that help people to develop and become better. I hope that in the future I will deal with the Academy more than once.