5 Online education trends of 2018-2019

If You had to be in the comfortable room and have wi-fi gadget or the computer in order to take online course, now it is not required.
You can study by driving and being connected to the ordinary mobile Internet. And then it will be even easier. But this is not about it now.

So what are the trends of online education in 2018-2019?

  1. Video is the integral part of the course

    It is a well-known fact that people are best able to perceive information visually. No, it is not the plain text but infographics, pictures, videos. It is estimated that as early as 2019, 80% of the world’s traffic will be generated through the video. Every day, the number of smartphone owners is increasing. And that means we can be closer to more and more people.

  2. Gamification

    This word is increasingly heard in various fields of activity. Games are not only fun for children but also the interesting learning format. You can add elements of competition, collaboration and achievement rewards to the most compelling presentation of the material, and You will see how people begin to learn the same material.

  3. Do You want to eat an elephant? It is simple – split everything into pieces

    So people are arranged. Well, they are not ready for a long time to perceive information effectively. The working person is usually ready to allocate only 1% (4-5 minutes) of their time to study. You tell it is little? Yes, but during this time You can learn something new. Here is another trend: short videos and information in small portions. But it is not necessary to do everything in this format – the power is in combination.

  4. Virtual reality: see that what You couldn’t see before

    Do You want to feel like you’re flying over mountains or rivers? Do You want to feel like the doctor who operates or even a medieval knight? No problems. This is by virtue of virtual reality. With its help You will feel everything You would have felt if it had all happened in reality. This will help You to understand the process from the inside out and be able to hone Your motor skills. But this pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, You can use augmented reality (AR) with the gadget installed. For people of the digital generation, virtual and augmented reality learning will become commonplace.

  5. Improvement and modernization of existing content

    Not everyone has the resources to implement new technologies. But updating of educational materials is obligatory. Now, there are many cases where people are offered to study things that are already outdated or have disappeared altogether. Training material should always be reviewed, updated and upgraded. In 2019, the trend towards modern needs will be followed.


People are becoming more discerning and want to get answers to questions rather than hear transfusions of water from empty to empty. Give less but better. Motivation plays a huge role in online education, so don’t let it fall or go out!

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