5 myths about information security

We have prepared a compilation of the five most common information security myths for You

Myth 1. The small company should not be afraid of
For the most part, small business owners believe that they are not within the scope of the attackers. But most attacks are automated, meaning the bot won’t do the big or small company analysis. It will simply stumble upon the vulnerability of Your system and do its thing. If You think You have nothing to lose, You are deeply mistaken. Logins and passwords, banking information, personal information can all fall into the wrong hands. The difference in impact for large and small businesses is large. For a large company, the hacker attack is not likely to be the last blow but for the little ones it can cause irreparable impact and lead to closure.

Myth 2. Protected by 100%
If someone promises You protection for all 100, he is either lying or incompetent. You will never be fully immune to the cyber attack even if You are not connected to the public network. The risk will always be. But You can minimize the likelihood of the successful attack.

Myth 3. Security is solely the task of IT or technical department
Of course, not every company has the opportunity to hire the person to provide IS or to form the entire department. Therefore, these responsibilities are delegated to IT department. IB specialist should be competent to build the security of Your business. Not every IT worker can do this and he also has many of his direct responsibilities. Gartner claims that 95% of successful attacks could have been avoided in 2016 if the existing remedies were properly set up.

Myth 4. Antivirus is the cure for all problems
Good when it is, but it should be just one of the levels of protection. Now more and more new viruses are coming in and antiviruses can’t handle them all for a long time. It is not surprising.

Myth 5. IPS does nothing
Initially few used IPS, but then it became widespread and one of the standard means. However, the vector of attacks has changed significantly and almost no one is directing the attack solely at the vulnerability of network protocols. This is why many have forgotten about IPS and are not updating it. And this is the mistake because IPS is able to detect not only changes or anomalies of network protocols but also files containing exploits.

Remember that information security is not the result but the process that needs to be monitored and improved. Therefore, given Myth 2 (100% Protected), register to the online course “Information security”.

Do not neglect the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills to ensure the right level of information security.

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